Ultra Fast Connection

All our servers have a fast connection so you can spend less time waiting on a loading screen and more time playing on our amazing servers!

A Wide Variety Of Servers

We've got all your gaming and server solutions covered. We manage servers for almost anything! From Garry's Mod to Teamspeak!

A Multitude Of Gamemodes

From DarkRP to StarWarsRP, we've some of the most popular gamemodes on Garry's Mod. With more gamemodes coming very soon, our servers will definitely keep you entertained.

Cloud Backup

We back up our servers to our ultra secure database to make sure you always have the correct rank and amount of money. A 99% update ensures you have the best time while on our servers.

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What we do

What we offer here at TBG Servers

At TBG we're always creating new servers and updating them to keep you entertained. We have a very high uptime on our servers so that means more time playing and less crashes. With our extremely friendly staff team you'll never want to leave.

Our Popular Servers

These are our most popular servers and are constanly updated



Our Servers

These are all the servers we currently have

Garry's Mod

We have a selection of Garry's Mod servers including DarkRP and StarWarsRP. They all have an active community and an expert staff team to suit your needs.


Our Discord has lots of friendly people that you can come on and chat with almost all the time. We have many channels for talking about code, games and anything else.

Contact us

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